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Additional Rental Options


  • Drop & Go


    Customer is not responsible for cleaning of interior / exterior and dumping the black and grey tanks prior to return. If not purchased and returned without the listed completed: Charges upon return are as follows: Interior Clean $100, Exterior Clean $75, Dump Tanks $40

  • Cancellation Protection


    Cancel anytime, up to 24 hrs. prior to your rental and receive full refund of the $500 reservation deposit. *(RECOMMENDED)

  • Generator Package


    Unlimited Generator Usage.  Otherwise, 6 hrs./day included and $3/hour after the included hours. 

  • Roadside Assistance


    24/7 Roadside Assistance 

  • Pet Fee


    We are dog friendly. Any damages will be deducted from the deposit or claimed on insurance.

  • Windshield Protection


    Customer will not be responsible for Repair or replacement of windshield due to rock chips or cracks.

  • Mileage Block


    Block of 1000 miles. Must be purchased in advance. We do not refund for un-used mileage.

  • Kitchen Kit


    Includes: Pots, Pans, Colander, Cooking utensils, knives, cutlery, dinnerware, coffee mugs, beverage cups, measuring cup, cutting board, coffee maker, cleaning supplies

  • Bike Rack


    Hitch mounted bike rack with lock. Holds 4 bikes.  **MOTORHOME RENTALS ONLY**

  • Electronic Brake Control


    REQUIRED - Travel trailer rental only If your vehicle is not equipped with an electric brake control, you will need to rent this unit.

  • Cargo Carrier


    Hitch mounted cargo rack w/6" sides


  • Exhaust Stack


    Generator attachment that moves exhaust fumes up and above the top of the motorhome.

  • Purina Farms delivery


    Delivery / Set-Up / Pick-Up

  • Purina Farms Relocate


    Move unit to another site after original delivery. While on-site for another delivery.

  • Purina Farms – Service Call


    Return trip to Purina for any reason that is not due to equipment failure. ie: locked out, clogged toilet, drain tanks

  • Sparta delivery


    Delivery / Set-Up / Pick-Up


USA 5-Star is the highest quality standard in both product and service within the RV rental industry. The 5-Star RV rating exists to inform the consumer of the quality of the RV rental and, also, as a means to more accurately compare RVs. For a business to become a USA 5-Star dealer, they must maintain a customer satisfaction index of 95% or more.

Selecting a quality RV rental company will determine the type of experience and memories you will have. Just like the hotel industry, there are both Motel 6 and Marriott options. While National RV rental companies focus on the price conscious, one-time international customer; USA 5 Star members focus on the customer that wants a quality experience for the best value. Feeling confident in selecting the RV rental company will play a big part of your overall experience.

That is where the USA 5 Star RV Rental Network comes in. USA 5 Star RV Rental Network is a network of independent owner operated dealers committed to provide the best in customer service and RV rentals in the country. Members of the network are scrutinized and determined if they represent the best in their market for RV rentals. If they qualify, they are invited to participate as a member of the Network. As a member, they are then reviewed on an annual basis by fellow members to make sure they are meeting the USA 5 Star standard.


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