Breaking Down Camp

The second checklist in our series from Forest River is a great departure checklist. In the old days, we used to hang our keys from the TV antenna so we didn’t forget to crank it down. Many an antenna were lost to the first low-hanging branch! Again, be sure to modify it to your style of camping.

Breaking Down Camp

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When it’s time to go home, there will be basic steps to breaking down camp. See the Owner’s Manual for detailed instructions but the following is an abbreviated overview of these basic steps:

  1. Turn OFF water heater.
  2. Dump and flush all tanks.
  3. Chemically treat tanks for storage.  
  4. CLOSE the holding tank gate valves.
  5. Disconnect, clean and store sewer hose.
  6. Disconnect television coax cables.
  7. Raise all jacks and/or leveling jacks.  
  8. Store leveling blocks and foot pads.
  9. Inflate Suspension Air Bags, if equipped.
  10. Verify motorhome is level.
  11. Disconnect and store the water hose.
  12. Turn OFF the LP gas supply.
  13. Snap range hood vent closed.
  14. Turn OFF remaining appliances.
  15. Prepare refrigerator for traveling.
  16. Turn OFF water pump.
  17. Lower antenna and/or satellite. 
  18. Turn OFF signal amplifier.
  19. Lower roof vents and exhaust fans.
  20. Close windows and secure blinds.
  21. Secure free-standing equipment.
  22. Latch doors and sliding mirrors.
  23. Latch cabinet doors and drawers.
  24. Close and secure awning(s).
  25. Turn OFF main 120VAC breaker.
  26. Turn OFF 12VDC interior lights.
  27. Clean debris from slide out roofs.  
  28. Remove slide out obstructions.  
  29. Close the slide outs. 
  30. Install slide out travel locks if required.
  31. Disconnect and store power cord.
  32. Connect your tow vehicle (Towables).
  33. Remove the wheel chocks.
  34. Close and lock exterior baggage doors.
  35. Verify lights are functioning properly. 
  36. Check campsite for items left behind.
  37. Close entry step.
  38. Close entry door securely and lock.

When you get home:

  1. Drain water heater.
  2. Drain fresh water system.
  3. Disconnect on-board house battery.
  4. Empty refrigerator of all food.
  5. Prop refrigerator door open.

It’s worth mentioning that if you have sufficient solar charging, and you store your camper outside, that you may not need to disconnect the house battery. Your solar panels will keep your battery charged. More to come!

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