Vanleigh Vilano 365RL

Everyone knows the experience of going to a movie theater and seeing a preview for a movie that they then want to see only to find out it doesn’t come out for an extremely long time. Now, I must confess, this is a “coming soon” blog, but the great news is soon actually means soon. We are expecting this new unit to show up in October. Now, down to business. Here in St. Louis, MO, Byerly RV has long been carrying motor homes by Tiffin Motor Homes. What if I was to tell you that Bob Tiffin’s son and grandson decided they wanted to start a high-end fifth wheel line with the same quality and features that we’ve come to expect from a Tiffin motor home? If you’re dreaming about this, congratulations! Your dream has becoming a reality. Vanleigh RV, an up and coming fifth wheel line, is up and running and is currently building the Vilano 365RL. An added bonus of this new company is its staff are as experienced as they come in producing the best of the best and are now taking that knowledge to the fifth wheel world. I can’t spoil all the fun and tell you every detail of it, but some of what I do know we can expect is: multiplex wiring, solid surface flooring, hand-laid tile backsplashes, full overlay cabinets manufactured in-house, shaker doors, and eight-foot tall slide out boxes. I put a few of the pictures I’ve been able to find on here to give you a taste of what this new fifth wheel will look like. Keep checking back on the website and as soon as it gets here, I’ll get more pictures up and give you all a detailed post of what you get in a new Vilano 365RL 5th wheel by Vanleigh RV.


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