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Byerly RV restored this travel trailer which had originally been build by Byerly in the 1960's.
Byerly RV restored this travel trailer which had originally been built by Byerly in 1958.

by Russ Patton – Owner & President, Byerly RV in St. Louis, MO

It’s fun owning a company with so much history. We still hear from people about the travel trailers Walter Byerly built in the 40s and 50s. We found a 1958 model in great shape; and after a little refurbishing, it’s ready to hit the road again. Another man sent me a picture with a caption: “All I remember is that my grandpa lived in it and grandma would bring him dinner every night from the front house.” I bet there’s more to that story.

We hear so much about quality time. But it’s more quantity of time that we really want. Every family member gets enlisted in so many activities. As quality usurps quantity, there is so little time to enjoy the freedoms and places that make America the envy of the world. If we could only unplug, disengage and spend more time together. Well, in an RV we can. Escape into a whole new world in an RV from Byerly RV in Eureka, MO. From travel trailers to Class A motorhomes as complete as a luxury condo, wherever you go, you are always at home in a Byerly RV.

Back in the mid-fifties the Warren family purchased a 1954 trailer built by Mr. Byerly. Thus began a 20 year odyssey covering 47 states. Every summer the Warrens hit the road. Hardly a national park or monument was bypassed. Their journeys were documented with hundreds of slides and detailed expense records, such as: six dollars and six cents for groceries and three dollars and sixty-nine cents for thirteen gallons of gas. You can see the Warrens trailer on display at Byerly and compare how much things have changed in 60 years. Imagine the stories you could create in an RV from Byerly in Eureka, Missouri.

Visit us in Eureka, Missouri, on the web at www.byerlyrv.com, or on Facebook.  For more information call 636-938-2000.

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