Off Road RV Under 2000 Pounds

rv under 2000 pounds
The No Boundaries by Forest River is the ultimate off-road RV. The 10.6 is under 2,000 pounds and ready for adventure.

Looking for the ultimate adventure with an RV under 2000 pounds?  Looking for the ultimate adventure RV to hold your toys, your kayak, and other accessories?  The No Boundaries 10.6 at Byerly RV in Eureka, MO is the ultimate off-road adventure travel trailer.  Built by the designers at R-Pod and featuring an above camper tent (which Byerly adds to all stocked models, unlike others online), bat wing awning, JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 2-Burner Glass Recessed Cook Top, Dometic cooler/fridge the No Boundaries 10.6 is loaded. And it is all available in an RV under 2000 pounds!

RV under 2000 pounds
Expandable and portable, the NoBO 10.6 is here for the adventure. See a fully loaded model at Byerly RV in St. Louis, MO

The hardcore camper’s lifestyle has changed. Along with backpacks and binoculars, we add bicycles, kayaks, tents, coolers, mini-kitchens and comfortable (and dry) sleeping arrangements. The Forest River NoBo (No Boundaries) RVs are creatively combined with hi-tech engineering. These are light weight, off-road towable vehicles. You can tell the new school of designers are from the GoBot generation. The No Boundaries 10.6 opens up in every direction with a rear ramp which opens up room for an ATV, a bat wing awning which wraps around half the trailer and a tent mounted on the roof – like a tree house. Plus it is build by the people who made R-Pod the unique RV it is.  RVs are fun!

rv under 2000 pounds
The Forest River NoBo expands to hold all of your camping necessities. Go off the grid. See the NoBo at Byerly RV

This week the Forest River No Boundaries 10.6 is Byerly RV’s Deal of the Week.  Come see the expandable, off-road, fully loaded RV under 2000 pounds.  The Forest River No Boundaries 10.6 is here to change the camper lifestyle for all of us.  See it at Byerly RV in St. Louis, Missouri, visit our website at connect with us on Facebook, or Instagram or call 636-938-2000.

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