No Boundaries to the RV Lifestyle

From the desk of Russ Patton. President, Byerly RV.

In my 40 years in the RV business, I have never ceased to be amazed at the creativity of RV manufacturers. The first “RV” my father bought was a metal utility trailer with a bifold metal top upon which you pitched a tent. He predicted this was the wave of the future, so he sold his service station and bought out Mr. Byerly.

For years the annual RVIA trade show in Louisville, Kentucky introduced many imaginative creations, such as a travel trailer that imitated a caboose car, one with a hot tub, a traveling party mobile and a lot more. RVs evolved from simple boxes into motorized luxury condos. The current trend is to downsize and get back to camping…sort of.

No Boundaries 10.6 Travel Trailer from Forest River
No Boundaries 10.6 Travel Trailer from Forest River

Now, even the hardcore camper’s lifestyle has changed. Along with backpacks and binoculars, we add bicycles, kayaks, tents, coolers, mini-kitchens and comfortable (and dry) sleeping arrangements. For the new campers, Byerly introduces The NoBo (No Boundaries) by Forest River. These lightweight RVs are creatively combined with hi-tech engineering. These are lightweight, off-road towable vehicles. Some models include rooftop tents with conventional hard sides.

The “NoBo” comes in a variety of configurations and with models rated as low as 1,500lbs and other models as large as 19 feet.

You can tell the new school of designers are from the GoBot generation. The 10.6 Forest River No Boundaries opens up in every direction with a rear ramp for an ATV, an awning which wraps around half the trailer, and a tent mounted on the roof – like a tree house. RVs are fun!

Whether it’s $10,000 travel trailers or $500,000 luxury motorhomes, Byerly has a vehicle to fit your budget. Check us out at, Facebook, or just come see us in Eureka, Missouri, just one exit east of Six Flags on I-44.

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