Keystone RV Passport GT: the Swiss Army Knife of RVs

Traveling is more than just reaching a destination; it’s about the journey itself. The Keystone RV Passport GT Series understands this, ensuring that every aspect of your journey, from departure to arrival and everything in between, is enveloped in comfort, style, and efficiency.

1. The Passport Advantage

Keystone’s Passport GT Series offers premium travel trailers that define modern recreational vehicles. They have been engineered from the ground up to leverage the advantages of ultra-lightweight technology, ensuring they’re both efficient to tow and packed with features.

2. An Interior That Feels Like Home

Every Passport GT trailer boasts an interior that’s a testament to meticulous design:

  • Open Concept Living: Every unit emphasizes a sense of space, thanks to the open-concept living areas. This design ensures that whether you’re preparing a meal, lounging, or entertaining, you never feel confined.
  • Extended-Season Camping: Keystone ensures you don’t need to confine your travels to specific seasons. With the Passport GT, you can venture out in various conditions, thanks to superior insulation and heating.

3. Exterior Excellence

The Passport GT isn’t just beautiful on the inside:

  • External Kitchen: For those who enjoy al fresco dining, selected models offer an external kitchen setup, perfect for those warm summer evenings.
  • Pass-Thru Storage: This feature ensures that you don’t need to leave essentials behind, thanks to ample storage solutions that are easily accessible.

4. Focused on Family

Keystone understands that traveling is often a family affair:

  • Bunkhouses: Several models in the Passport GT series come equipped with bunkhouses, ensuring that family travels are both fun and convenient.
  • Double Door Bathrooms: This feature ensures efficiency and convenience, especially when the trailer is filled with excited adventurers.

5. Keystone’s Quality Assurance

Keystone RV stands tall in its commitment to quality:

  • 3-Year Limited Structural Warranty: With this assurance, owners can travel with peace of mind, knowing they’re backed by a brand that believes in its products.
  • Fully Walkable Roofs: This feature not only speaks to the robustness of the build but also to the attention to detail, ensuring that even maintenance is a breeze.


The Keystone RV Passport GT Series isn’t just another travel trailer; it’s a promise of quality, luxury, and memorable journeys. Every design element, feature, and amenity is thoughtfully incorporated, ensuring travelers get a premium experience on the road. For those who believe that journeys should be as remarkable as destinations, the Passport GT is an investment in unforgettable memories.

As always, before making any purchasing decisions, it’s advised to consult with dealers or the brand directly for the most updated specifications and features.

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