Find a Bargain With a Used RV

New RV sales continue to trend above historic levels.

This means many RVers are trading in their current RVs to move up to a newer model. The result is an opportunity for buyers to find a nice pre-owned RV and enjoy the benefits of RVing for a fraction of the cost of a new model. They can find these deals at Byerly, which always has a good selection of pre-owned folding campers, travel trailers, 5th-wheels and motorhomes.

Looking for a vacation cabin?

Hunters, nature buffs, families and escapists have discovered pre-owned RVs work great as weekend cabins. Even though they don’t intend to tow them, they appreciate the comfort of the amenities they offer including bedding, heat, plumbing and a kitchen. And, with the addition of a portable generator, buyers can move up to the next level with air conditioning, TVs and more household amenities.

The castle of the single-site RV is the 5th-wheel trailer. While they are designed for use with pickup trucks, you don’t need to have a truck except for parking it. And, frequently, the dealer can spot it for you. The split-level accommodations provide more room and privacy. Creative campers even block off the area below the overhang for storage.
It’s hard to imagine a more convenient and affordable vacation cabin than a good used RV. Of course, if you want to hit the road, Byerly in Eureka offers a score of ways to score with its selection of new and pre-owned RVs.
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