Embrace the Journey: The 2024 Forest River Wildwood 29VIEW Unveiled

The release of the 2024 Forest River Wildwood 29VIEW marks a significant milestone in the evolution of travel trailers, offering a harmonious blend of luxury, innovation, and comfort. Designed with the discerning traveler in mind, this model sets a new standard for what is possible in mobile living. Let’s dive into the features and amenities that make the Wildwood 29VIEW a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their travel experiences.

A New Perspective on Travel

The 29VIEW is aptly named, designed to provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, ensuring that whether you’re parked by a serene lake or nestled in a forest, the beauty of nature is always just a glance away. This model redefines outdoor living, offering a unique vantage point from which to enjoy the great outdoors.

Sophisticated and Spacious Interior

Upon entering the Wildwood 29VIEW, you’re greeted by an interior that exudes sophistication and space. The layout is intelligently designed to maximize living areas while maintaining a sense of openness and comfort. High-quality materials and modern finishes create an environment that is both stylish and welcoming.

Living and Dining in Style

The central living area is a testament to Forest River’s commitment to comfort and style. A large, comfortable sofa faces a state-of-the-art entertainment center, making it the perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploration. The adjacent dining area features a tall-table dining with a view, offering flexibility for mealtime settings and additional guest seating.

Gourmet Kitchen for the Traveling Chef

The kitchen in the Wildwood 29VIEW is a culinary enthusiast’s dream. Equipped with a residential fridge, spacious countertops, a three-burner stove with an oven, and a microwave, it invites travelers to explore their gastronomic talents. Ample storage and thoughtful touches, like a stylish backsplash and modern fixtures, enhance the cooking experience.

Rest and Relaxation Redefined

The master suite is a private retreat designed for ultimate relaxation. A queen-sized bed, adorned with a luxurious mattress, ensures a restful sleep, while bedside outlets and USB ports keep devices charged and ready. The suite also boasts generous storage solutions, including overhead compartments and a full-sized wardrobe.

The Wildwood 29VIEW revolutionizes the bunkhouse travel trailer with it’s innovative hidden bunk room. A door next to the entertainment center opens to reveal a full bunk room in the main slide out, hidden from view.  With two bunks, a desk, storage and power plugs, the 29VIEW bunk room is perfect for the kids, or anyone else who needs their own room.

Spa-Inspired Bathroom

The bathroom in the 29VIEW rivals those of high-end homes, featuring a spacious shower with a glass door, a modern vanity, and ample storage for toiletries. LED lighting and high-quality fixtures add to the spa-like atmosphere, providing a serene space to refresh and rejuvenate.

Enhanced Outdoor Living

The Wildwood 29VIEW extends its luxury outdoors with a large awning, LED lighting, and an exterior entertainment center, making it perfect for enjoying al fresco dining or simply relaxing in the beauty of your destination. An outdoor kitchen option further enhances the outdoor living experience, allowing for easy meal preparation and entertaining.

Safety and Convenience at the Forefront

With the modern traveler in mind, the 29VIEW incorporates advanced safety features, including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and an emergency exit. Convenience features like solar prep, backup camera prep, and an electronic auto-leveling system make setting up and breaking camp easier than ever.


The 2024 Forest River Wildwood 29VIEW is more than just a travel trailer; it’s a statement of luxury and a testament to the joy of travel. With its unparalleled views, sophisticated design, and thoughtful amenities, it invites travelers to explore the world in comfort and style. Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or new to the lifestyle, the Wildwood 29VIEW offers an exceptional travel experience, turning every journey into an unforgettable adventure.

Embrace the beauty of the open road with the Forest River Wildwood 29VIEW – where every destination becomes a panoramic masterpiece.

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