Bunkhouse RVs Review: 3 Things to Know About Bunkhouse RVs

Are you looking to upgrade to a bunkhouse RV? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this bunkhouse RVs review we’ll show you the three best features of bunkhouses, which are available in motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers, so you can find the perfect fit for your family!

Winnebago Forza Main
Winnebago Forza Main

A Great Night’s Sleep

Some bunkhouses offer spacious, full-sized bunk beds like the Coachmen Chaparral fifth wheel from Byerly RV.  These large bunks are a great way to keep the whole family comfortable all night long!  You can fit two to a bed, which makes this an ideal solution for multi-family vacations or large families.  You’ll even find storage under the bottom bunk for everyone’s things.

Coachmen RV Chaparral Bunks
These bunks are positioned in a slide to give the maximum interior space!

Private or Curtained

In bunkhouse RVs you’ll find multiple kinds of bunks available.  Often the bunkhouse will be curtained, like the Winnebago Forza class A motorhome pictured below.  These are great for traveling with kids and for additional storage space when not it use.  Another option is for private bunkhouses, which typically offer more bunks than the curtained bunkhouse and are perfect for multi-family vacations.

Byerly Winnebago Bunkhouse Curtained
Some bunks even come with safety rails, like this one!

Storage Space

This Keystone Hideout fifth wheel offer a private bunkhouse with tons of extra storage space.  You’ll even have enough space to fit a small screen and Xbox or Playstation for the kids in the entertainment unit so the kids can enjoy a rainy day at the campground.  There is also a sofa under the second bunk that easily folds into additional sleeping space!

Byerly Keystone Hideout Bunkhouse
A great place to spend a rainy day!

Contact us today and get into an RV that fits your family’s life style. You’ll love the addition of a bunkhouse, so don’t waste another minute!

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